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New York Headmaster Resigns After Ordering Black Student To Kneel While Apologizing!


A New York headmaster has officially quit after reportedly ordering an 11 year old Black student to kneel while apologizing in which he described as “the African way”

The incident took place at St Martin de Porres Marianist school located within the Uniondale, Long Island, New York area.

According to NBC News the school issued a letter to each student’s parent informing them that headmaster John Holian had been placed on leave while officials investigate the ordeal.

However it wasn’t long before the institution released an official statement indicating that the headmaster had resigned.

“St. Martin de Porres Marianist School has accepted the resignation of our former headmaster,” reads a direct statement from the school. “The leadership of St. Martin de Porres Marianist School continues to review the incident in question to ensure that it is never repeated again in any form.”

Honor roll student Trayson, 11 had been scolded for what has been noted as not following directions after finishing an assignment early and moving on to another one.


His mother Trisha Paul tells local news that Trayson was sent to headmaster John Holian’s office who advised him to apologize to his teacher.

It has been indicated that Trisha had confronted the headmaster on two occasions following the incident and that John informed her that he learned the method from a Nigerian parent at the school who advised him it was the African way of saying sorry.

“ Once he mentioned the story, I realized that maybe he’s generalizing because my son is Black and maybe that’s what he thought the discipline should have been for that behavior, because, simply because my child was Black,” says Trisha.

She reveals that her son has been deeply affected by the incident and that she’s hired an attorney while deciding to removing him from in person schooling.

“He’s been completely quiet, not himself, just trying to take it all in,” Trisha states. “Most of the time, he doesn’t want to discuss it. His interactions with family members, relatives, friends, anyone around him has changed.

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