DC Young Fly Speaks On Why He Wouldn’t Take The Official Hosting Position On “ Wild N Out “ !!


Earlier this year multitalented businessman Nick Cannon ‘s longtime relationship and contract was terminated due to controversial comments he made in his podcast Cannons Class which also declared an official end to the beloved comedy show WildNOut !

Within a a recent interview on the Breakfast Club featuring former WildNOut cast members DC Young Fly, Chico Bean, and Karlous Miller.

The fellas spoke on the shift their careers has made since the ending of the show and if they’d ever return without Nick.

When asked if he’d ever consider taking over hosting duties of the show DC responded “I want for it to be given to me from the OG. It’s his sh*t, it’s not corporate sh*t. Corporate didn’t hire me, Nick hired me.

He continues, So, it’d be a backstab for me to go be like, ‘Alright corporate, what y’all want me to do?’

“I know how the game get. Y’all don’t fuck with me like that. You only fuck with what I can bring you. I wanna be part of a family, and Wild ‘N Out was family.”

DC Young Fly, Chico Bean and Miller are currently the hosts of the super hilarious and popular digital comedy aeries 85 south.

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