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Speak On It: Raz B’s Former Girlfriend Comes Forward With Claims Of Sexual Assault And Abuse On TikTok!


B2K boy band member Raz B’s ex girlfriend has released an alarming video on social media forwarding claims of numerous physical abuse incidents and sexual assault!

Kalle Brookes took to TikTok in a video where she provided alleged details along with graphic images of her past injuries, audio and media clippings.

One of the clippings derive from Raz being arrested in back 2019 for reportedly strangling Kalle in public while In Minneapolis; Minnesota reports All Hip Hop.

Within the video Kalle goes into further details of each incident she endured.

“He gave me a black eye and I told everyone I did it to protect him. Then he strangled me in a parking lot where he said he was going to kill me. I didn’t press charges because I thought it was all my fault.”

She states that when she attempted to leave Raz before he made a huge down payment on a car for her.

Though Kalle never said when she completely pulled away from the singer she stated in the video the last straw came from, “I was afraid of him and didn’t know how to get away until finally he held me down, had sex with me against my will impregnated me [and] put me in the hospital.”

Raz B hasn’t responded to the now viral video as of yet. Please stick with us for further details.

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