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DaBaby Sued For Reported Attack On Rental Property Owner For Shutting Down Music Video Shoot!


A lawsuit has officially been filed by a California rental home owner accusing rapper DaBaby of attacking him and stealing his phone after he attempted to try and shut down an unauthorized music video shoot!

According to the Daily News plaintiff Gary Pagar alleges that the December 2020 incident included DaBaby inviting 40 guests to the Los Angeles rental property which violates the proposed lease agreement.

Reports read that the agreement prohibited gathering of more than 12 people due to covid-19 social distancing restrictions.

Court documents read that Pagar went to the house to stop the festivities and was knocked to the ground by an unnamed individual.

It has been indicated that DaBaby then exited his car and chased the homeowner inside advising him to not call the cops and then proceeded to reportedly punch him in the mouth knocking his tooth out.

It has been stated that DaBaby fled the scene with his guests right after the altercation leaving the homeowner covered in blood.

The North Carolina native is also being accused of destroying surveillance footage, the homeowner’s cellphone and “valuable kitchenware.”

The lawsuit reads that the property manager is seeking compensation for the damages of the rental property and an unpaid portion of the rental bill.

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