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Malcolm X’s Family Demands Reopening Of Murder Investigation Following Recent Release Of New Evidence!


Following the 56th anniversary of iconic revolutionary Malcom X’s assassination in New York, his family alongside their legal team have released evidence that alleges NYPD and FBI officials conspired within his death!

According to The Guardian a proposed letter was forwarded by former undercover NYPD officer Raymond Wood claiming that he was urged by supervisors to con two of Malcolm X’s security men into crimes surrounding his assassination on February 21st, 1965.

The letter reads that the arrest of the two security guards kept them from guarding a door at the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights the day of Malcolm’s shooting.

It has been indicated that Raymond penned the disclosed letter while on his death bed and it was posthumously released by his cousin.

The letter was read on February 20th at a press conference amongst his family including his three daughters.

“Under the direction of my handlers. I was told to encourage leaders and members of the civil rights groups to commit felonious acts.”

Malcolm’s daughter Ilyasah Shabazz admits that she’s been searching for answers to this day upon her fathers death, “Any evidence that provides greater insight into the truth behind that test tragedy should be thoroughly investigated.”

Following the release of the forwarded letter NYPD officials have responded by saying, “provided all available records relevant to that case; remains committed to assist with that review in any way”.

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