Speak On It: Naturi Naughton Addresses Hitmaka‘s Drink Champs Interview, “ I Guess It’s A Thing For People To Say That They’ve Been With Me.”


Singer and actress Naturi Naughton has officially addressed the controversial Drink Champs interview featuring #YungBerg following his claims of sleeping with her back in the day!

In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club morning show the former 3LW member denied the claims forwarded on her behalf.

“Recently, there was an interview that I just felt like I might have to call somebody to pull up on what’s his name. But you know, I guess it’s a thing for people to say that they’ve been with me.”

Though Naturi didn’t say Hit Maka also known as Berg’s name, both #AngelaYee and #DJEnvy stated his name directly.

“I was 15-16 when I was in 3LW. I don’t know what kind of date—I mean, group activities. I remember we all lived in LA, at the Archstone,” explained Naturi when asked if the two ever dated.

“Maybe we all hung out in groups…That took a lot for me not to come on here and be like, ‘Really?!’ That’s why a week later, wasn’t there like an apology or something?

Naturi didn’t further discuss the tasteless rumors and didn’t use the interview as an opportunity to bash the rapper-producer, she instead stated, “Maybe it’s a compliment. Everybody was like, ‘Maybe he wanted to get with Tasha.’ Okay, I get it. Poor baby.”

As we previously reported Hitmaka claimed he had sexual intercourse with Naturi when they were teenagers and that she was his very first experience of being with a girl that had an IUD.

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