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Letita Wright Deletes Social Media Accounts Following Backlash From Sharing YouTube Video That Criticizes COVID-19 Vaccine!


Following the sharing of an anti vaccination video in reference to COVID-19, actress #LetitaWright has officially deleted both her Instagram and Twitter accounts!

According to NBC News the video derived from a YouTube channel titled “ On The Table”

The video contains skepticism of the Covid-19 vaccine, directly accuses China of spreading the virus and also forwards transphobic statements.

Reports read that Letita tweeted a link to the video on December 3rd along with the praying hands emoji, “🙏🏿”

The tweet was deleted shortly after Letita received major backlash from social media users.

She also tweeted “If you don’t conform to popular opinions. but ask questions and think for yourself….you get cancelled.”

The following day Letita tweeted, “my intention was not to hurt anyone, my ONLY intention of posting the video was it raised my concerns with what the vaccine contains and what we are putting in our bodies…Nothing else.”

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