Former Label Mates Loon And Diddy Reunite For The First Time Following His Prison Release!

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After nearly 10 years behind bars former label mates Loon and Diddy have officially been reunited!

Loon now known as Amir Junaid Mudatith took to social media displaying photographs of him and Diddy smiling deeply as they embraced one another at his home in Los Angeles, California reports RevoltTV .

The caption reads, “Everything is not what it seems. After all that we’ve been through, the love cannot be denied. We’ve traveled the world together, made millions together, and at times we may not have always agreed, but by Allah, if I hadn’t experienced the things that we went through, I wouldn’t have become the man that I am today!”

Loon was previously featured on Diddy’s classic hit singles “ I Need A Girl” and “ I Need Girl Part 2” followed the release of his own self titled project in 2003.

Sources have confirmed that he ultimately left the music game back in 2008 and fully converted his life to Islam.

Reports read that Amir Junaid had been sentenced to 14 years in prison for conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute over a kilogram of heroin.

Sources have further confirmed that District Judge Terrence Boyle lessened Amir’s sentencing in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic and his past medical history.

Amir was identified as being a non threat to society and was able to go home after 9 years in prison.

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