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Serena Williams Hilariously Trolls Herself For Taking Dog’s Medicine at Bedtime!

-Avier Wanjou Brass-


Have you ever been so tired that you mistakenly took something you absolutely shouldn’t have? That was the case for tennis superstar Serena Williams when she accidentally took her dog’s medicine before she went to bed!

According to Essentially Sports, on her Instagram story, Williams confesses about being so exhausted before going to bed, that she mistakenly took her dog’s medicine.Thinking it was her nighttime medication.



“Okay. I’m a little tired. It’s been a long day. Going to bed and I took my dog’s medicine. I just wasn’t thinking. I was like okay – nightly meds. Took it. That’s how tired I am,” said Williams.

In her true comedic fashion, Williams trolls herself on Instagram. By telling her fans to ignore her if she barks or acts strangely on social media.

“So just heads up, If I start acting weird or I start barking on social then just ignore me. She’s like 6 pounds. I should be okay? Just in case I’m not, it’s kind of wild, right?” said Williams.

I am pretty sure we all have done something like this before. Serena, please do not feel bad. We have all been there.

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