#SpeakOnIt: Harriet Tubman Descendant Speaks On Kanye West Recent Remarks!


Comments made during Kanye West’s political campaign in #SouthCarolina have captured the attention of millions, including a direct descendant of #HarrietTubman who has come forward to set a few things straight!

Harriet Tubman’s great niece Tia Wyatt recently appeared on TMZ to speak on #Kanye ‘s statements made regarding slavery.

“If we were left alone, we would be in an entirely different place,” Wyatt states. “She was selfless. She was already free. She didn’t have to come back—she didn’t have to risk her life, but she did it countless times. And if it hadn’t been for people like her, he would still be on that plantation. He would not be able to be out there saying the things he says and he wouldn’t have the money he has because they would have it all.”

Wyatt goes on to say what would’ve taken place if Harriet were alive today, “She would tell him, uplift. I don’t know where he’s putting his money, it seems like he wants to talk about a lot of things but the thing is, put your money into something that will uplift other people. Him [running for] president is not one of them.”


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