Tamera Mowry Receives Backlash From Black Twitter Following Resurfacing Of Husband’s Dated Tweets!


For quite some time the Sister-Sister co-star #TameraMowry has received much commentary about her interracial marriage to former Fox News senior reporter #AdamHousley. As some would state the issue isn’t about the race she’s married to but more so the alleged context of her spouse’s character.

Following Tamera’s recently celebrated 42nd birthdayour Cousins over on our #BlackTwitter only acknowledged her twin sister Tia. When fans of both the sisters questioned this annual action, social media users did some digging and found an old video of Tamera defending Adam against allegations of racism along with numerous old tweets that have gained them both the ultimate side eye.


According to the GrapeJuice Adam is often scolded for his comments made upon George Zimmerman killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. Adam took to his personal Twitter in 2013 and stated that he didn’t believe #TrayvonMartin ‘s murder has anything to do with race and that people only pushed that objective for their own agenda. It was also highlighted that he suggested Trayvon brought the entire situation on himself.



Adam previously worked at Fox News as a senior reporter for over five years. It has been indicated that that he officially resigned back in 2018 following lack of newsworthy content issued by the network and political mishaps.

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