McDonald’s Employee’s Wounded In Shooting After Customer Became Upset Dinning Area Was Closed Off!


Multiple employees at a local McDonald’s have been identified as injured after a customer decided to open fire because the dinning area has been closed due to social distancing regulations!

According to USA Today, the incident took place Wednesday afternoon when Glorcia Woody, 32 entered the Oklahoma City location. Sources have confirmed that Woody was immediately informed that the dinning area was closed off to all customers due to the #Covid19 crisis. It has been indicated that Woody initially became physical with one of the employees and was removed from the establishment.


Reports read that Woody left the restaurant but returned shortly with a firearm with officials stating that she released a total of three rounds. Officials state that Woody hit one employee in the arm and two other employees with the shells.

All three employees were rushed to a a local hospital, none of their injuries have been identified as life threatening.

Woody is currently in police custody.

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