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Erykah Badu Successfully Launches Live-Streaming Company!

The #Quarantine life has pushed fourth more than just safety and tranquility but also allowing us to bare witness to fresh and amazing content from creatives throughout the world. From songwriting battles amongst the industry’s most elite, virtual dance parties, beautiful gospel sessions, and even online concerts from the legendary musical giant #ErykahBadu !

According to Afrotech Badu’s in-person tour was cancelled in March due to the widespread of the Coronavirus crisis. Thinking quickly and effectively Badu then hired a live-stream company paired with a paywall service to broadcast live concerts right from her own home in Dallas, Texas. Badu charges fans a small fee of $1-3 for the audio content.

Sources have confirmed that Badu successfully found a streaming company within 10 short days of her original concert being cancelled and a platform to back her.

“I had to quickly think of something, and like every other artist in the industry, we thought of live-streaming, Badu staes. “I had to figure out a way to keep morale up for all [my] musicians and techs and engineers and keep all of us employed.”

She reveals in an interview with #VarietyMagazine that she spoke with a lot of streaming companies , “including the main ones, and they didn’t have what I thought was adequate for what I wanted to present to the audience.”


Badu tells how she ultimately decided to partner up with the live interactive streaming platform of Maestro. It has been indicated that initially she endured technical difficulties with her masters and overall publishing, however she decided to go out on her own destiny.

It has been stated that with only two hours of self promotion, Badu successfully obtained over thousands of views with her at home concert series of “Apocalypse One”. Reports read she receives over 100,000 viewers each time with fans being able to vote on her live set playlist.

Badu hopes to inspire fellow creatives with her new found venture, motivating each individual to stand strong with their dreams and to make use of their skills to innovate great things. “My streaming company will provide a turnkey solution for artists, a means of learning how to merge the creative platform with the tech platform. It’s all creativity — even creating the business model was creative for me,” said Badu. “Becoming a tech entrepreneur is a little different from what I’ve done in the past, but I can do it. And I have proof of concept.”

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