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Jason Weaver Trends Throughout Social Media Following Viral Tiktok Clip Of Bre-Z’s New Single ‘1942’

One thing about the folks of Black Twitter, any chance to cut up THEY ARE TAKING IT 😭

Following a TikTok video of Bre-Z teasing new music, folks on social media apparently pepped a resemblance between her and legendary actor Jason Weaver.

“I’m shook that Coop (Bre Z) really revamped their look to Jason Weaver. They also could pass for B-Mickie from BMF,” wrote a social media user.

“I said the same thing but I thought it was Snowfall. It is bmf….that aint b-mickie tho?! Looks exactly like him. Isn’t Coop a damn girl? I’m confused 🤦🏾‍♀️”

Another social media user wrote, “LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO now why tf Bre Z look like Jason Weaver? 😭😭😭😭😭ik she saw ts when she looked in the mirror.”

The following day Jason took to Instagram to speak on his name trending on Twitter.

“Woke up this morning to texts from
a few friends informing me that ya boi was trending on Twitter/X (or whatever it’s called nowadays) for a hot second this morning,” wrote Jason on Instagram.

“That’s rare and absolutely hilarious to me because my name is definitely not one of those names that typically “trends” on social
media. In all fairness though, I honestly
think it’s only because of @brezofficial new video that’s becoming quite popular on Tik Tok/social media right now. “

He added, “Aye, that’s cool though! I ain’t
trippin. Wrk I really like the song, and I dig the clip of @brezofficial video that I was able to catch on social media as well. Good lookin out, @brezofficial!!!
Continued blessings and success to you!!”

The two shared a wholesome moment as Bre-Z took to Jason’s comment section.

“What’s up twin lol!! Such an honor to be
in the same convo. I got nothing but love
and respect for you OG!! Keep inspiring us you champ! “

Jason responded in saying, “@brezofficial You got me ON FIRE in deez streets today, Twin!! & It’s definitely a pleasure and honor to be in the same convo as well!

“Thank you so much for reaching out, and for sharing such kind words. love you too!! I’m so happy for you as well, and CONGRATULATIONS on the release of the new video!! It’s DOPE!! Keep up the great work! I see you!!”

As the video continued to circulate and seemingly went viral, Jason’s name also began to trend as fans paid homage to his longstanding career.

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