Italy Nurse Commits Suicide Following Coronavirus Diagnose!

The #Coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on many individuals lives as it continues to travel an unpredictable route throughout society. As thousands of test positive and are forced to take the necessary precautions of quarantine, some people ultimately can’t cope with the uncertainty and sadly rather die than to harm others.

34 year old stationed nurse Daniela Trezzi has recently been pronounced dead after committing suicide following the diagnose of COVID-19. Trezzi worked at San Gerardo Hospital in Monza where the virus spread rapidly amongst many reports TMZ.


Sources have confirmed that Trezzi worked directly with patients who had tested positive.It has been indicated that Trezzi had also spent days working in the ICU section of the hospital soon becoming ill herself. It has been stated that the nurse was fearful of spreading the disease to others and was worried she had already passed it on to patients before receiving her results.

Reports read that Trezzi had spent the last few weeks at home isolated under quarantine. Her hospital manager confirmed that she had been sent home to stay since March 10th and hadn’t been in contact since then.

Since news of Trezzi’s death was announced The National Federation of Nurses in Italy has come forward to express their feelings ,”Each of us has chosen this profession for good and, unfortunately, also for bad: we are nurses.”

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