Ava DuVernay And Netflix Overcome Defamation Lawsuit Over “When They See Us'” Docuseries!

#Cousins congratulations are in order!

Powerhouse film director #AvaDuVernay and the super streaming service of #Netflix have recently been declared winners of a 2019 defamation lawsuit for award winning #Exonerated5 centralized limited series of “When They See Us

According to the Hollywood Reporter, ex cop and consultant #JohnEReid had forwarded a defamation suit against Ava and Netflix for a conversation held between prosecutors and NYPD detectives within the final episode of #WhenTheySeeUs . The dialogue displayed consisted of involved officials confessing to using unlawful and inhumane tactics to obtain information from the Central Park 5.

“You squeezed statements out of them after 42 hours of questioning and coercing, without food, bathroom breaks, withholding parental supervision. The Reid Technique has been universally rejected.”

Reid is highly praised for his unethical investigation style called the Reid Technique that has been taught universally to thousands of officials. Sources have confirmed that within his Reid’s dispute he complains that he was misrepresented.

Reports read that U.S District Judge Manish S. Shah dismissed the suit, declaring that the final episode is protected by the first amendment and that Ava would’ve had to obtain the requisite contact with the state of Illinois in order to establish the personal jurisdiction, in which she does not.

“To ensure that public debate does not suffer for lack of ‘imaginative expression’ and ‘rhetorical hyperbole,’ the First Amendment protects from defamation liability any statement that ‘cannot reasonably be interpreted as stating actual facts,'” writes Shah within a forwarded statement.
“When the prosecutor tells Sheehan that the Reid Technique has been ‘universally rejected,’ he is using the kind of loose, hyperbolic rhetoric that is a protected part of the nation’s discourse. That’s true whether one looks closely at the words themselves or more broadly at the context in which they are delivered. … ‘Universally’ is hyperbolic and the prosecutor cannot be taken literally to assert that all intelligent life in the known universe has rejected the technique — which means his statement is an imprecise, overwrought exclamation.”

Ava and Netflix are currently facing another lawsuit for the series against ex prosecutor #LindaFairstein for similar complaints.

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