LA Officials Struggling With Pop Smoke Investigation, Witnesses Uncooperative!

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#Cousins , it has been almost two weeks since the tragic murder of beloved Brooklyn, New York Rapper #PopSmoke. Unfortunately though as time progresses, LA officials are further away from piecing together the clues of his death due to inconsistent statements forwarded by alleged eye witnesses!

According to TMZ , law enforcement officials have stated that detectives are struggling to scrape together information of the deadly incident. Sources have confirmed that many witnesses have simply refused to talk; noting that the very few people that are willing to talk are forwarding false information.

It has been indicated that investigators are currently at odds end as they are reviewing social media posts from potential suspects that forward minimal details.


Reports read that the major issue derives from the fact that Pop’s murder has been labeled a bi-coastal case. Since he originally lived in New York and only spent a short time in LA , officials are struggling to not only find a motive but also witnesses.

As of right there has been no factual information forwarded at this time. Officials are still scrapping to conclude wether Pop’s murder was a targeted hit or a robbery.

#Cousins let’s continue to send love and light to Pop’s loved ones and pray that the guilty party adheres to their wrong doings!

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