Bronx Child Abductor Arrested After Attempting Snatch Woman Off Of Train!

#Cousins ; earlier this week an extremely disturbing and now viral video has sent social media on a tidal wave; after a man is seen literally snatching a young woman out of her seat on the train in New York as she sleeps!

The cellphone footage show’s Ex convict #SonnyAlloway , 48 around 2:30AM on Monday onboard a Uptown, Bronx 6 train. He is seen literally gawking at a young woman as she sleeps.

Within moments of the train stopping at the Morrison Avenue-Soundview train station; Alloway is seen literally picking the young woman up out of her seat and rushing off the train with her in his arms. Thankfully she was able to quickly fight him off and run back into the train. Within the last remaining moments of the footage the young woman is seen alerting the male she was sleeping next of the incident.

A second now viral video shows Alloway being handled within true #NewYork fashion by a group of male citizens. The men angrily shout “ Rapist” as Alloway attempts to escape the brutal beat down. He is seen walking away with bruises picking up his pants which exposes that he had no under garments.

According to the Complex; Alloway was arrested at a local deli as he tried to escape his beaten. He was taken to a local hospital first for treatment where he now remains in police custody. The young woman from the incident identity is still unknown.

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