Missing Domino’s Driver Found Dead In Mississippi!

#Cousins please join us as we send our deepest and most sincere condolences to a family left with a heavy heart searching for answers upon the tragic murder of their loved one!

Domino’s Pizza employee Hilereca Dortch 31, of Mississippi was reported missing when she didn’t return to work from making a delivery on December 13th; reports Atlanta Black Star. Her family states that limited details were forwarded to them upon her disappearance from the store owner.


After an official missing person’s report was filed officials conducted a four day search for Dortch. Reports read that Dortch’s remains were found on Dec.19th approximately 5 1/2 miles from where her car was located. It has been indicated that a local farmer was in the process of feeding his cows when he spotted Dortch’s abandoned Chevy Malibu.

“If he hadn’t been out there feeding his cows, we would have never known she was missing,” Dortch aunt, Tammie Dortch tells local news. “We would think ‘We’ll see her next week sometime. She’ll pop up eventually.”

Her family describes as her as being an extremely private individual. Implicating that they didn’t know many details pertaining to her personal life.

“She was so private to the point where we only knew one friend,” Tammie goes on to state. “We don’t know any boyfriend, any other friends, where she hung out, where she kicked back at. We don’t know any clubs she went to, any concerts she went to, we don’t know anything.”


There hasn’t been an official autopsy report forwarded as of yet. However an arrest has been made on behalf of Canton resident Terrence J. Cadwell. Sources have confirmed that Cadwell is currently being charged with armed robbery, attempted capital murder and possession of a firearm by a felon after being linked to a recent robbery and shooting at a local gas station.

It has been indicated that Dortch’s family believes there is more than one person responsible for her death.

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