MTV Spin-off “True Life” To Investigate The Death Of Kenneka Jenkins!

Cousins; #MTV is set to debut a brand new series for the upcoming year, promising to will fully dive into the most shocking and unresolved crimes stories involving young people.

True Life Crime serves as a direct spinoff from the popular MTV original series True Life, reports Showbiz CheatSheet. Sources have confirmed that the eight part docuseries will provide a behind the scenes view of some the most traumatic murders of teens and young adults.

The series will also include heartbreaking interviews with each victims loved ones; where they’ll describe exactly how these deep rooted crimes have changed their lives forever.
One of the episodes that is guaranteed to gain global attention will be the mysterious 2017 death of Chicago teen #KennekaJenkins .


Kenneka’s death shifted the world as social media users joined forces to piece together intricate details upon the night she ultimately disappeared.


Though Chicago officials have since then ruled her murder as a tragic accident; there are still multiple details from that night that have been left unaccounted for.

True Life Crime hosted by Dometi Pongo will debut on both VH1 and MTV Jan. 8th, 2020 at 9PM EST.

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