Michael B Jordan Pitches All New Superman Film Idea To Warner Bros!

Michael B Jordan has perfectly assimilated a wide scope of legendary roles throughout his career. From a world renowned boxer to a historic supervillain; Jordan has successfully reached the pinnacle of his career where there is no role too far out of his reach!

According to Essence Magazine; Jordan has pitched the ultimate idea to Warner Bros in hopes of taking the Superman film to new heights. Sources have confirmed that the idea possibly derived from Jordan’s first look deal with his production company Outlier Society under Warner Bros.


It has been indicated that nothing has been finalized upon the recent meeting. Reports read that if Warner Bros decide to take Jordan up on his offer, production wont begin until possibly 2023. Seeing how he is booked and busy with multiple films set to release for the next few years.

#Cousins what are your thoughts on this, is the world ready for another Black superhero?

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