Regina Hall To Star And Executive Produce New Drama For Amazon Studios Titled “Master”

Throughout #ReginaHall ‘s career she has successfully mastered the craft of remaining booked and busy. This year is no different as she has stared in major production films ranging from the Shaft Sequel and The Little Movie!

The next project on her long list of excellency Hall pairs up with Amazon Studios to produce and star in a drama based film titled Master.

According to Deadline ; Master “ directed by Mariama Diallo is set to depict the lives of two African American women working and attending a predominantly white college campus located in Massachusetts. The film follows them as they experience life altering experiences due to the history of the institute.

Sources have confirmed that Hall’s character Gail Bishop serves as a queer black headmaster of students at Belleville houses at the liberal arts college of Ancaster. Bishop endures the daily task of protecting her students and campus from acts of racism and supernatural forces.

Master is set for production in 2020 within New York City.

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