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LaKeith Stainfield Slams Several Popular Black Media Outlets For Being “Anti-Black”

Everyone’s favorite guy LaKeith Stanfield recently took to social media to share his thoughts on the climate of social media and the decisions popular media outlets make when issuing prominent verses toxic stories!

According to #Blavity ; Stainfield took took to Instagram Thursday’s afternoon and called out popular media blogs such as The Shaderoom , Worldstar, The Breakfast Club and Lipstick Alley for being “ Anti Black.”


“It’s a fact that a lot of these platforms are usually or tend to be feeding grounds for negative reinforcement toward BLACK ‘nonconformists.’ They bolster faux vanity and hold a white supremacists scope over Black men and women often highlighting negative attributes and downplaying mind expanding ones,“ states Stainfield in a post.


“They serve as bottomless coward consumption pits and digital, audio, or otherwise slave mentality museums. @ all you want,” he continues within a caption calling out several media blogs.

Numerous public figures, actors and artists took to the post either liking and/or commenting within agreement of Stanfield thoughts.

#Cousins what are your thoughts on this?

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