Former Atlanta Officer Wears Old Uniform And Badge To Rob People At Gunpoint!

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A former #Atlanta Police officer has been identified as committing one of the most outrageous crimes ever; after a urveillance footage surfaces of him dressing up in his old uniform and badge to rob two people at gunpoint!

Atlanta Georgia resident and ex cop official Justin Mikale Throne , 22 was arrested on Nov. 8th upon multiple felonies reports AJC. Thorne has been identified as being connected with crimes related to armed robbery.
Sources have confirmed that surveillance images have surfaced of Thorne robbing two individuals inside of a Comfort Inn & Suites located near Windy Hill Road. It has been stated that he was wearing his full Atlanta Police Officer uniform and gun at the time of the incident.


He then proceeded to rob two out of towners who have been identified as being originally from Arkansas. Thorne made out with $800 in cash and an iPhone; with no victims hurt.

Reports read that Throne was already under police investigation for a non related crime. He was being accused of taking money from suspects and issuing promises of removing pending warrants from their record. When questioned about those allegations he resigned immediately.

Thorne is currently being held in police custody with no bail. He is facing deep rooted charges of armed robbery, impersonating an officer, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

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