#Update : 7 Year Old Bronx Boy That Fell From 9th Floor Apartment Window Passes Away!

#Cousins ; it is with an extremely heavy heart that we inform you of the recent passing of the seven year old Bronx boy that fell from his 9th floor apartment window last week.

The #NewYorkPost reports; Kingston was pronounced dead on Wednesday Nov. 13th a little after 4PM. He initially survived from the horrific fall and died days later from critical injuries.

Sources have confirmed that his family has made the official decision to donate his organs.

“I feel that it’s important, to preserve one’s sanity,” states Kingston’s mom Roasy Mancebo.


“And if you believe in God, that is the right thing to do,” she continues. “Yes, this is the worst tragedy of my life,” she said. “But he would have wanted it that way as well.”

She states her son gave her purpose. His organs will help save over five people in need.

Kingston suffered from a broken leg and serious head trauma from the fall. He remained in pediatric intensive care unit at Jacobi Medical Center since the Nov. 9th incident.

It has been indicated that he had Down syndrome and had fell through the window after removing a piece of cardboard that held up an air conditioner.

Hundreds of family members, friends and neighbors gathered together on Friday evening for a candle light ceremony to celebrate Kingston’s life.

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