Upstate New York Middle School Under Investigation After Unethical Strip Search Of Four 12 Year Old Students.

Four black students of East Middle School located in Binghmaton, New York are in hot water after four black girls were strip searched due to “ Gitty Behavior .” 

According to  #NBCNews , the ordeal occurred on Jan. 15 when the four unnamed 12 year old students were identified as behaving hyperactively after lunch. Sources have indicated that the girls were strip searched by the school’s Nurse and Assistant Principal due to suspicious behavior and possible drug possession. Following the search the girls were ordered to return to class and each child’s parent was contacted. There has been no word of punishment or suspension.

Binghamton is identified as a predominately white city located in upstate New York. Suspicion of the school officials actions and agenda have amplified an investigation; as to why four black girls were identified as behaving differently compared to other students their age.

East Middle school has come forward to state there is no evidence of these allegations and that speculation has derived solely through social media. “It must be reiterated, we have no evidence that a strip search was conducted by administration. We only turn to medical assessment if we find clear reason to be concerned for our students’ safety and health, which is what occurred in this instance.” Since then the School has hired a private firm to further investigate these allegations. 

On Wednesday New York City Gov Andrew Cuomo weighted in on the ordeal, requesting for the New York City Department of Education to investigate the claims. “The allegations that 12-year-old girls were strip-searched for drugs after being perceived as ‘hyper and giddy’ at a Binghamton middle school are deeply disturbing and raise serious concerns of racial and gender bias states Cuomo.

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