NFL Player Marshawn Lynch Plans To Purchase Real Estate In Hometown To Slow Down Gentrification!

Gentrification is defined as : “the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste. “ When in reality it’s a heartless and conniving act of city officials, to target neglected areas and force residents who have lived there since forever out of their homes. Using tatics such as raising rent and the cost of living in general until the residents have no choice but to leave. Then officials take these neglected spaces, clean them up real good place an outrageous price tag on it and ultimately rent to memebers of specific demographics.


According to the #SourceMagazine  , #Oakland Raiders running back #MarshawnLynch is taking an ultimate stance against gentrification. Sources have indicated that Lynch has constructed a plan to purchase real estate within Oakland, to provide people the opportunity to obtain housing. Within an #HBO special entitled “ Real Time with Bill Maher” Lynch states : While banging my head against people,” Lynch said of playing football, “I had the opportunity to make a couple dollars so therefore I started to go and buy up some real estate in the area where I grew up at in order to give people opportunity for housing.” He goes on to say “It’s basically when, for me, it’s a lot of white people come move into the hood and kick everybody out that’s there, I’ve been a witness of it since I was a small jitterbug so I mean now that I’m grown up and I’m seeing it, I understand it a little more.”

Lynch is highly praised of being an avid helping hand within his hometown of #Oakland , #California . 

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