CDC Issues Warning To Men With Facial Hair Upon Coronavirus Epidemic!

#Cousins ; as a personal and fellow beard lover we have recently been put on to some pretty alarming news between the connection of the Coronavirus and facial hair!

According to the New York Post, the CDC has recently issued an in-depth warning to men about facial hair and the potential danger of contracting the Coronavirus.

Sources have confirmed that the agency has recently issued an illustration of popular beard trends and haircuts. Each style shows direct indication as to which haircut / beard is safe as oppose to the majority that are not.


It has been indicated that facial hair could potentially cause an issue with life saving respirators that are needed to assist individuals as the virus wide spreads within the U.S.

It has also been concluded that a freshly clean cut face will help make a major difference however even a small amount of stubble can ultimately be problematic.

The CDC notes that mens hair is extremely risky and could alter the U.S’s exhalation value.

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