Mother Mourns The Death Of Her Four Children That Passed Due To Car Accident.

 #Cousins ; please join us as we take this time to send our deepest condolences and prayers to a #SouthCarolina mom who lost all four of her children, within a fatal car accident this past weekend.


According to #AJCnews ; #JacquelineBrown ‘s four children : Amez Yaron Jamison Jr., 4; Robbiana Evans, 6; and Jamire Halley, 8 and Ar’mani Jamison, 2, were all involved within an accident on state Highway 253 in Taylor’s on Friday morning. The van they occupied had crashed leaving Amez, Robbiana , and Jamire dead. Brown’s youngest child Ar’mani passed Sunday night within a nearby medical facility.


Sources state the driver of the van was Brown’s boyfriend who is also the father of two of her four children; Arnez Yaron Jamison, 27. Jamison is currently facing charges of four counts of felony DUI resulting in death and various other charges. Brown is absolutely devastated and believes her boyfriend is just as heartbroken as she is.  “They were my everything – my heart, my blood, my breath, my motivation. They helped me get through everything I needed to get through” stars Brown to local news. 


A #gofund me page was created for Brown by her co-workers and friends to help assist with the funeral arrangements for her children. Sources state the page has  already earned over $42,000. “I’ve just got to move forward, be strong I’ve been through a lot. It’s going to take a lifetime to heal, but I’m going to make it. I still have to do it for them.”

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