Oscars To Go Host-less After Kevin Hart Ordeal!


There has been an on going battle pertaining to the surfacing ofanti-gay tweets dated as far back as 2009-10 from comedian, actor and original host candidate for the 2019 Academy Awards #KevinHart. Since then there has been a division within difference of opinion; some categorizing the tweets as offensive and others identifying the tweets as just jokes. However; when the Academy urged or shall we say threatened Hart to re-apologize for the tweets; it’s safe to they didn’t think throughly of the ultimate consequence.


Word on the street is, the 2019 Oscars will possibly be Host-less! According to #PeopleMagazine the production team is back to the drawing board after Hart declined their immediate demands. Its no secret that the Oscars have lacked diversity for quiet sometime, each year they’ve taken a deeper decline within viewers. The Academy was in high hopes that Hart would bring a welcoming edge to viewers and audience members that they’ve been missing.

Sources state this is not a first for the Academy; they’ve been host-less before. They’ve been in contact with other A-list celebrities for the position but no leads as of yet. A source close to the production team states : “All options are open, including going without a host or some variation of multiple hosts. There has been a lot of interest from within the industry offering up names of potential hosts. Nothing has been decided yet. “


In the great words of Mr. Sean Carter “‘WE are the culture NOTHING MOVES without US! “

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