It’s Been A Long Time Coming! Janet Jackson Is Named A 2019 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee!!


It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally taken place; the legendary phenomenon #JanetJackaon has been named one of the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. A powerhouse like Jackson, who has held a career that stands over four decades, numerous Grammy nominations and wins, accelerated in multiple genres of music, a woman who was offered the biggest recording contract in the history of music not once but twice is just receiving now receiving this honor in 2019? Something in the milk ain’t clean y’all!


According to #NBCNews ; Jackson has been eligible to receive this honor more than a decade ago, stating that this is actually her third time being nominated. Jackson has received recognition and acknowledgment for her multifaceted music which has been nominated for Grammys within five different genres: Pop, Rock, Rap, Dance and R&B. Jackson’s career thrived at a time where legends like #Madonna and her brother the late #MichaelJackson were dominating the industry. So what exactly kept Jackson from receiving a well deserved honor throughout all these years.


After further digging we’ve arrived at the conclusion; that the 2004 #NFL Super Bowl half time performance between Jackson and #JustinTimberlake is when things turned for the worst. One of the most highlighted and controversial performances in Super Bowl history created a target on Jackson’s back. Sources state #CBS former chairman #LesMoonves had it out for Jackson since then; he single handily black balled her from the industry, placing a halt on numerous opportunities, book deals, performances, award ceremonies, you name it! Moonves believed the 2004 nip-slip was purposely orchestrated by Jackson and wanted to make sure she felt her mistake to the full extent. Moonves ordered both #VH1 and #MTV to stop playing Jackson’s videos, and removed her from performing at the 2004 Grammys. This quiet interesting; coming from someone who has been recently exposed as a serial sexual harassment offender. A man who had an employee on call for oral sex.


It’s sincerely disheartening to know that no matter how hard you work, what greatness you push forward, lives you may change within your art; there will still be someone out there who believes it’s acceptable to pull the strings in your career. That your own blood, sweat and tears can at any moment be pushed under a rug. Nonetheless we are super proud of Jackson. She’s more than deserving of this honor, plus they can’t keep an icon down!!

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