Georgia Woman’s Home Accidentally Demolished While She Was On Vacation, Construction Team Says They Were At The Wrong Address!

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( 📸: AP News )

Cousins! An Atlanta, Georgia resident is currently searching for answers after learning her house was completely demolished while she was out of town on vacation!

Susan Hodgson tells Fox 5 Atlanta news that she returned home from a trip to find her long-time family home destroyed. She says that the construction company responsible for the ordeal said it was mistakenly torn down.

Sources state that Susan was informed by her neighbor of the incident as she asked her if she had sent someone to tear down her vacant home.

“I said, ‘No’ and she said, ‘Well there’s someone over here who just demolished the whole house and tore it all down,” said Susan.

The Atlanta homeowner says that the workers were “nasty” when her neighbor approached them as they told her to ‘shut up’ and ‘mind her own business.’

Susan had asked a family member to check in on the Southwest Atlanta property to speak with one of the workers and to review their permit. “The guy pulled it out and said ‘Oh I’m at the wrong address’ and he just packs up everything and leaves the house destroyed,” said Susan.

AP News reports that the home had been boarded up for nearly 15 years, however, the taxes were up to date in payments and Susan kept the grass cut with the outside of the home clean.

Fox 5 reports that the company allegedly responsible for the demolition, “You Call It, We Haul It,” has not yet responded to Fox News Digital’s requests for comment.

‘You Call It, We Haul It’ forwarded a statement with Fox 5 Atlanta, WAGA-TV, saying they are investigating and “are working on resolving the mishap,” Fox 5 Atlanta reported.

“It’s just hard to believe someone thinks they have the right to just come and tear something up and walk away from it and didn’t come back and say, ‘I’m sorry. What do I need to do to fix this? It was an accident.’ They didn’t give me nothing,” says Susan.

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