California Restaurants Present $50 ‘Vomit Fees’ For Bottomless Mimosa Brunch Customers!

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Cousins! Restaurants within the sunny state of California are all here for customers enjoying themselves and having a good time as long as they drink responsibly and don’t give their employees extra unnecessary work!

According to reports from TODAY, some growingly popular food establishments including Kitchen Story in Oakland and Home Plate in San Francisco, have implemented a $50 vomit fee.

The charge serves as a cleaning fee for anyone who throws up within a public area of the restaurant. It has been stated that the proposed fee was introduced to prevent customers from getting sick after overindulging in bottomless mimosas.

“Please drink responsibly and know your limits. A $50 cleaning fees will automatically include in your tap when you throw up in our public areas. Thank you so much for understanding 🙂,” reads a sign within the bathroom area of the Asian-inspired breakfast and brunch restaurant, Kitchen Story.

The restaurant’s owner Steven Choi tells the outlet that he originally posted the sign two years ago when he noticed a trend in customers throwing up from drinking one too many mimosas.

“This was still during the pandemic and it became a very sensitive issue for customers and staff having to clean up,” said Steven. “But this is not unique. It’s there to make the customers stop and think about other people.”

Kitchen Story co-owner Chaiporn Kitsadaviseksak says that since posting the signs they haven’t had to actually charge the fee. They’ve also implemented a new policy limit that only allows sixty-minute cocktail times per party.

Home Plate has since removed their vomit fee warning signs around the restaurant due to complaints. However, there is a highlighted note that remains present on their menus.

“Please Drink Responsibly. $50 cleaning fee per person for any incident incur as a result of intoxication,”

CBS reports that the fee is also part of a growingly increasing trend of adding charges for services due to labor shortages and rising food costs.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this?

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