Glamour UK Magazine Has Placed A Quote From A Previous Interview With Leigh Anne Pinnock Surrounding Marriage And Motherhood In Newly Released Halle Bailey Editorial!

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Whew, Chile! Apparently Glamour UK magazine has improperly placed a quote from singer Leigh Anne Pinnock’s new interview surrounding marriage and motherhood into a also recently released interview with Halle Bailey!

The copy and paste context that is being portrayed as a quote from Halle reads, “Being a mum, being newly married – there’s all the positive side of it, but also the negative side, and how we’ve got to where we are. I wanted to show that although things might look perfect from the exterior, that’s not always the case.”

However the quote comes from a published interview with Leigh Anne for Glamour UK. As the article continues to make its rounds on social media along with the discovered error, fans have further leaned in on the unconfirmed possibility of Halle and DDG expecting their first child.

This comes after months of speculation surrounding the Grammy nominated singer wearing seemingly large and baggy clothes to award shows and other public appearances.

Halle was recently honored with Glamour’s Woman of the year Gen-Z award. Within a newly released interview with Glamour UK magazine, Halle Bailey has reflected on various dimensions of her life ranging from her childhood, career and personal life.

It’s been an extremely eventful year for the 23 year old as she’s gained major success with the release of the action packed Disney film of ‘The Little Mermaid’ to the outpour of love she has received from her debut solo single ‘Angel’. Halle expresses that she is extremely grateful to have conquered new territory in becoming a household name.

“Over the past year, I’ve been introduced to a bigger audience than I’ve ever known before. To be honest, I’ve been surprised by the magnitude of it all,” says Halle.

“When I look at the beautiful messages I receive, or whenever children rush up and hug me, it’s a different feeling of unconditional love. I’m always a bit shocked when people call me a “role model”, because I feel like a 12-year-old girl in my head, still striving to be a better person every single day.”

As she continues her rise to the top in the entertainment industry, Halle has also expressed that her personal life has also been pushed to the forefront. Though being in the public eye can be quite challenging she is still finding balance.

Halle explains how her single ‘Angel’ served as a love letter to herself and ultimately by came an anthem for Black girls and women around the world.

“Last November, while I was coming to terms with being in front of a new, bigger and far-reaching audience, I wrote my debut solo single, Angel, as a response to everything that I had gone through and overcome.”

She adds, “ I was still getting used to being in a bigger limelight, learning how to keep my head up and ignore any negative things people were saying about me as part of a racist backlash.”

“It was really a love letter to myself and to all of the other Black girls and women in the world who have felt like they don’t belong, overwhelmed by so many different opinions about who they are, what they should be, where they should fit in. It was like a mantra, a motivation song to help me get through what I was feeling at the time, to remind me of who I was: “Black girl here, Black girl with the Black girl hair / Took a little sunkiss just to look like this / God sent, you’re an angel”.

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