Usher’s Music Catalog Sees Major Boost In Streams Following Super Bowl Halftime Announcement!

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Cousins! In preparation for Usher’s highly anticipated Super Bowl Halftime performance, fans are heavily tapping in on the legendary singer’s catalog!

According to reports from Billboard magazine, Usher’s discography of both newly released music and dated projects has received major spikes across multiple streaming platforms. It has been noted that his music has significantly increased in plays by nearly millions.

Amongst the list of songs that fans are currently tapping into are ‘Yeah!’, “My Boo’ and “DJ Got Us Fallin In Love” with streams amounting to an increase of 926K, 527K, and 525K.

In regards to the streaming platform of Tidal, Usher’s beloved track “Superstar” has been categorized as the most popular song on the day of the 2024 scheduled halftime performance. Usher’s 90s single “U Make Me Wanna” jumped in streams up to 55%.

Amazon Music has also shared that “Yeah!” has jumped up nearly 200% in plays and moved a total of 149 spots within their internal popular music rankings, reports TMZ.

With the continuous growing success of Usher’s Las Vegas residency, we can guarantee that viewers at home and in-person attendees are in for a real treat.

Cousins, let us know in the comments which song you’d like to see Usher perform 👇🏿

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