Lil Scrappy Speaks On Growing Up With His Mother Being A Pimp And Having Sex Workers As Play Aunties And Uncles!

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Cousins, Atlanta native rapper Lil Scrappy is allowing folks a deeper look into his childhood as he reveals the adult instances he was exposed to at a young age!

Within part one of his exclusive sit-down with Carlos King for his Reality With The King Interview, Scrappy detailed what his life was like growing up in a trap house.

In the September 27th published interview, Scrappy was asked if he was aware of his mother, known to fans affectionally as Momma Dee’s lifestyle. He replied in saying yes he was aware and that she never lied to him.

The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member recalls him and his sister having to share a bed with Momma Dee on the weekdays as their rooms were occupied with sex workers turning tricks day in and day out.

“Hoes had to f**k in my room and in my sister’s room. So we had to sleep with my momma,” Scrappy recalled.

Scrappy detailed on the weekends they would return to their rooms to watch television and play with their toys as Momma Dee had already sanitized the room with clean sheets and bleached surfaces.

“I was grateful that she didn’t make us sleep in [our rooms], but we would go in there and watch TV and stuff during the weekend when ain’t sh*t going on.”

In regard to discipline, Scrappy detailed that him and his sister knew they could get away with a lot, opposed to the adults who weren’t his mother because drugs were often in their system.

“These were like my play aunties and uncles ’cause I grew up around them,” Scrappy said in regard to the sex workers. “They would be there… They were the ones who cooked for us, cleaned for us, [that we] sat up and talked to every day.”

Scrappy said that though the rooms were heavily cleaned he would still discover straws from fast food restaurants around the house. He explained that the straws were cut up in half and used to snort drugs.

Further in the interview, Scrappy revealed that he began smoking weed at 12 years old and that Momma Dee encouraged him to begin drinking alcohol when he was 16.

Scrappy is said to have begun dealing drugs as an adolescent.

In a previously aired episode of LHH, Scrappy confronted Momma Dee about his childhood trauma and how the things he was exposed to impaired his ability to properly love a woman.

“You know why I’m like how I am with her?” said Scrappy to Momma Dee regarding his marriage to Bambi. “I saw your lifestyle. I grew up in a whorehouse — I grew up in a trap house. So all I knew was that.”

He added that he still struggles with childhood trauma. “Cause ain’t nobody come and take me to get no help. Ain’t nobody got me no help. I learned about that when I got older,”

“This sh*t real, this [has been] in my head my life. The sh*t I go through — I can’t even go to her [Bambi], she hard. I can’t go to you, you hard.”

Cousins, be sure to check out the full interview below and let us know what y’all think in the comments below 👇🏿

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