Kidnapped Bronx Teen Reportedly Admits To Officials That She Staged The Abduction!

#Cousins we can honestly say that 2019 has been the most bizarre year we’ve ever witnessed. However throughout all of this year’s strange occurrences, this one incident in particular takes the entire freaking cake!

According to The Daily News; the allegedly kidnapped Bronx, New York teen #KarolSanchez has not only been found safely but has also openly admitted to officials that she staged the entire incident.

Early this morning social media users from across the nation posted and reposted images of the missing teen seeking for her safe return. In less than 24 hours multiple news and media outlets confirmed that the teen had been returned to her family safely. Officials state that Sanchez approached a local police vehicle around 2:15PM; she was then taken to a local police station. Sources have confirmed that the teen was crying hysterically and shaking .

It appears upon being reunited with her family Sanchez admitted that she did indeed stage the entire ordeal.

Reports read that the teen will not face any charges for the false abduction. At this time police officials are currently investigating the official motive behind Sanchez’s actions.

It has been indicated that Sanchez boyfriend has been taken to the 40th precinct for questioning. Officials believe that Sanchez was unhappy with her mother’s recent decision to move the entire family back to their native home of Honduras.

“Her mother wanted to move them back to Honduras, but she [Karol] was adamantly against it,” states officials. Sanchez and her mother, had traveled to the Bronx from upstate to visit family members when she decided to orchestrate the fake abduction.

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