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A Woman Claims That She Was Assaulted By A Man With A Brick After She Declined To Give Him Her Phone Number!

Cousins! A woman has gone viral on social media after documenting her recent experience of reportedly being hit on the side of her face with a brick!

According to Newsweek, a woman named Rho Bashe took to Instagram on Sunday evening as she claimed she was assaulted by an unidentified male. Rho says that the man asked for her phone number and when she declined he responded by attacking her.

Rho says that a series of bystanders watched and failed to step in and protect her.

“Y’all, this man just hit me in my face with a brick and all these Black men just watched. This man…grabbed a rock and hit me in my face because I wouldn’t give him my number.”

Within a shared video to her Instagram stories, Rho yelled at a crowd of men saying, “I want you to be a man and do something. You gonna let a man hit me in my face?”

In another video, Rho appears in a hospital gown while showing a large swollen lump on the side of her face. With tears rolling down her complexion she says that a man tossed a brick at her face and left in a car. She asked, “How is that OK?”

Rho shared on Monday afternoon that she had spent 12 hours in the hospital and that she was discharged with a concussion. She says that she cannot chew food for the next week.

Video clips of Rho have been shared across multiple media outlets on social media from The Shaderoom, The Neighborhood Talk, and more. Footage of the encounter has not been shared at this time.

Newsweek says that they’ve reached out to the Houston Police Department to confirm details of the incident, as they’ve been unable to confirm details of whether Rho was attacked by a man with a brick.

Social media users have taken to Twitter to comment on the incident. Folks even began to speak on how Black women remain the least protected demographic of people in the world.

“Whoever did this to her is a straight b**ch and deserves everything coming to him. I don’t care if she’s a lesbian/straight woman this cowardice behavior is unacceptable,” reads a tweet.

“If black men did better at protecting black women then there wouldn’t be a “blame the black men” vibe you see black women go hard for black men rather they are right or wrong but when it come to us it’s nothing but excuses to be made so unfortunately you’re wrong they get down tw.”

Cousins, please join us in keeping Rho in our prayers as she continues to recover.

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