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Kim Kardashian Not At All Concerned With Kanye West’s Personal Business Following Viral Cheeky Photos!

( 📸: BackGrid )

Cousins! A source close to Kim Kardashian is addressing circulating rumors of her being at all bothered by Kanye West’s spicy getaway with his wife Bianca Censori.

The newly married couple has been making headlines all week following viral photographs surrounding their outfits and behavior.

Captured images of Bianca wearing a revealing nude catsuit while holding hands with a barefooted Kanye as they make their way through the streets of Italy, has left fans concerned. While others are calling for the couple to be fined for indecent behavior.

Following social media users’ overall outrage, a long list of media outlets have declared that Kim is embarrassed.

The Sun reports:

“Kim’s been so worried about the new pics that have come out with Bianca – like how will she explain it all to the kids?

“She’s embarrassed and worried for him – he’s wandering around barefoot with champagne in the street, something clearly isn’t right.”

“It’s hard for her because as soon as she thinks she can move on, something like this happens and she’s pulled back into it.”

“It’s like every time Kanye and Bianca pull these nearly-naked stunts, it reminds everyone that Kim dressed up in skintight nude outfits during the marriage.

As we previously reported the Grammy award-winning rapper had his personal business winking at folks as he cruised the waters of Venice alongside his wife Bianca on Monday.

A source close to Kim confirms that she isn’t staying up to date with her ex-husband’s personal business and that she only concerns herself with their co-parenting relationship regarding their four children.

According to reports from TMZ, Kanye’s bum slip was an accident despite his appearing completely unbothered

The outlet reports that Kim is happy and supportive of Kanye’s new union She wishes them nothing but the best as they continue to enjoy their time in Italy.

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