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Tia Mowry Explains Why She Chooses To Identify As A Black Woman Regardless Of Her Biracial Heritage, “I am An Extension Of My Mother”

Cousins! Tia Mowry is letting it be known that she is a Black woman and proud of it!

While appearing in a recent episode of The Cool Mom Podcast, Tia was asked as a mixed-race woman does she identify as a Black to which she responded by saying, “Yes. I identify myself as a Black woman.”

The 45-year-old went on to explain her deep roots within Black culture as she paid homage to the legacy of her mother. “My mother is Black, you know what I mean? My mother is a strong woman.”

Tia explains that despite her father being of white, English, and Irish descent and her mother being Afro-bohemian which makes her of mixed race, she still identifies as a Black woman.

“Yes, I am mixed race but it’s how I identify myself, and I identify myself as a Black woman. That is how I’ve been viewed. That is how I’ve been seen.”

Tia jokingly referenced the One drop law often demonstrated within the U.S that details of an individual has a traceable amount of African American ancestry they could not be considered white.

“And I remember studying in school that if you have a single drop of Black blood, you’re Black.”

She adds, “That’s how we were raised and so that’s how I consider myself,” the Sister, Sister star added about her connection to Black culture. “I feel like that is my purpose. My passion in life is to be that representation for my community of diverse women and Black women.”

Tia went on to reflect on her a Black woman and her journey through Hollywood in being intentional on the roles she chooses. “I’ve learned at such a young age, and I will never forget being on stage at the ‘Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards’ and seeing all of these kids screaming your name.”

“I felt like I had a responsibility to basically, you know, have some sort of awareness that people are looking at me and I want to inspire.”

The mother of two says that carries the responsibility of her influence into her role as an entrepreneur also.

“Everything that I do now, whether it’s for wellness, I’m all about fighting for representation when it comes to Black women and their health, and being taken seriously,” said Tia. “As an entrepreneur, it is all about making sure that, you know, we are being represented in categories where we weren’t celebrated.”

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