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Netflix Engineer From New York Goes Missing Just Weeks After Starting A New Job In California!

Cousins! A Cornell University graduate that recently relocated from New York to California for a new job has sadly been reported missing!

Yoshanes S. Kidane was last seen on Monday, August 14th exiting his apartment building in downtown Jose around 7 pm. He is said to had entered a vehicle marked with a Uber sticker says his family to KTVU news.

“Two young colleagues of his saw him and were able to talk to him,” Kidane’s brother, Yosief, said. “He said he was heading to San Francisco to maybe meet a friend. The last footage I’ve seen of him was leaving his apartment building and getting into a black Toyota Camry.

Reports read that Yohanes recently moved to the Bay Area just last month and that he had only began his second week of work with Netflix as a software engineer.

Yohanes family tells local officials that his phone’s location showed that he was at the Golden Gate Bridge majority of Monday night.

His cell phone, wallet and backpack was later discovered by a pedestrian near the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center in San Francisco reads a missing persons poster.

“Someone who was in San Rafael, who was on a commute, saw a phone and wallet sitting on this small grassy hill right between the Welcome Center and coffee shop,” Kidane’s brother told the station. “Thirty bucks in cash was in his wallet, IDs cards, phone untouched.”

Reports read that Yoshanes backpack had been disocvered the flowing day closer to the bridge and had been had two of his laptops and personal documents inside.

Yohanes was last seen wearing gray sweat pants, a Black hooded sweatshirt and Black shoes. He is described as being 5’8″, 150 pounds.

“We want to take him home. I need my son. I need my son,” said his distraught mother to Mehret Hana Beyene to KTVU. “He’s a good man who has a bright future, very loving to his family.”

Sources state that his family has traveled from New York to California to search for him and pass out flyers. A group of Yohanes friends and relatives have also created a task force and contacted San Jose officials.

“Yohanes has gone missing in San Francisco. This fundraiser is for covering travel expenses for his family as they search for him,” the crowdfunding page said.

Sources state that a former college roommate of the Rochester native told him a story about a suspicious Uber ride that took place days before his disappearance.

“The Uber driver insisted, if it was an actual Uber driver, that instead of taking him to the location that he needed to be, he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m going to take you to Oakland. It’s much safer there,’” Austin Farmer told Fox News.

“And he just wouldn’t let Yohanes go where he needed to go. So they took him to downtown Oakland. I guess he eventually got back to his apartment or wherever he lives, but that was pretty suspicious.”

Austin says that he received a text from Yohanes that read “might be in trouble” and that the driver had told him to cancel the extra pay.

“I got a sense he’s taking me there for no good reason,” he said.

Austin says that once he got back to San Jose, Yoshane declared he was “Never going in Uber solo again in SF.”

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