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Chika Says She’s Been Having A Hard Time Celebrating 50 Years Of Hip HopBecause She Doesn’t Feel Accepted By The Community!

Cousins! Chika has expressed the difficulties she’s been facing in celebrating Hip Hop‘s 50th anniversary as she says she doesn’t feel accepted or embraced by the Rap community!

The 26-year-old took to Twitter on Wednesday to write, “It’s been hard celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip hop cuz I don’t feel accepted or embraced by the community for real. I was trying not to say nun, but whose feelings am I protecting by not saying that? lol”

Chika’s comments didn’t go over smoothly with social media users as they share how she displayed behavior on the internet making them personally disinterested in her artistry.

“You do have fans and people who drop your
name in rooms/discussions (me). I think
you’re so talented & I wish the focus was
there. It just seems like you have this
constant cloud of negativity that radiates
off you at times,” wrote a user.

Chicka born Jane Chika Oranika was also reminded by fans that the incident involving her and Zonnique Pullins’ young daughter on a plane recently also played a part in how fans perceived her.

“I think the “kids on the plane” debacle
was the last straw for most people,” reads a tweet.

Another social media user wrote, “I had straws & still got em for you. & it has to
resonate with you somewhere that what you
said/did was egregious, harmful & entitled.
you’re very public about your health so we
know, but that doesn’t absolve you of
accountability for your impact, mania or not.”

Chika responded in saying, “ y’all never had a first f**in straw, y’all never liked me Imfao so f**k off with that, respectfully. I never did s**t to nobody.

As we previously reported Chika had began trending throughout social media back in June following foul tweets she made about a crying baby on the same plane as her that was later confirmed as being the granddaughter to T.I and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this?


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