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Arkansas Teen To Face Possible Criminal Charges After Allegedly Speeding To Rush Mother To Hospital Following Medical Scare!

Cousins! An Arkansas teenager is currently facing possible criminal charges after allegedly fleeing from state police as she attempted to rush her mother to the emergency room following a medical scare!

The incident occurred on June 30th on the 630 interstate as state troopers used the PIT maneuver also known as the “Precision Immobilization Technique,” where police officials purposely bump a pedestrian’s car.

According to ABC News, Tahirah Hart says that she had recently been released from the hospital after undergoing surgery and that she had begun to feel chest pains just hours after being discharged. She explained that she informed her 18-year-old twin daughters Kenochia and Keochia Moss that she had been experiencing pain and believed that she was having a heart attack.

Tahirah says that she was advised that if she had endured any complications to return to the hospital. “It started feeling like it was tightening up, so I told my kids, ‘Come on. Let’s go. Take me back to the emergency room.”

Reports read that Kenochia began rushing towards the Baptist Hospital in Little Rock as her mother expressed that her pain had worsened. “While we was on our way, my left arm went numb,” she said. “I had a shooting pain, and my left hand went numb, and I told my baby Kenochia to hurry up and get me there.”

Little Rock Police said as they had begun following the family vehicle with flashing lights, Kenochia had hit 115 MPH. Officials state that she had passed a total of two hospitals as they continued to follow her.

Police state trooper Montae Hernandez says roughly five miles into the chase he conducted the PIT maneuver and collided with the vehicle ultimately causing a collision.

“I’m thinking I hit somebody, then the car turned around, I just saw a whole bunch of guns and flashlights pointed at me,” Kenochia told KATV. “He’s screaming get out of the car … I was shaking. IT felt like I couldn’t even walk. I was so scared.”

Dashboard surveillance video shows the family as they began to exit the vehicle with their hands in the air.

“You got to help me please, please, my mama,” Kenochia is heard yelling multiple times. “Please help my mama. She just got out of the hospital. She had surgery.”

Reports read that Kenochia had been placed in handcuffs but was ultimately released and allowed to take her mother to the hospital. She is said to have received a ticket for a misdemeanor offense of fleeing. Sources state that she has pleaded not guilty within a North Little Rock District court.

“I’m just being apologetic, scared, I’m 18 years old, I don’t know what to do, I’ve never been in this position, never thinking I’m going to get hit by a state trooper,” Kenochia said. “I’m thinking they’re going to help us, no help. It’s just sad.”

Kenochia is set to face trial sometime in September.

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