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Georgia Mother Accuses Sugar Factory Restaurant In Downtown Atlanta Of Serving Alcohol To Kids At Her 11 Year Old’s Birthday Party!

Cousins! A Georgia mother has been left outraged as she claims a Sugar Factory restaurant in the downtown area of Atlanta served kids alcohol during her child’s birthday party dinner!

The evening started out as a celebration for Souljah Perdue’s 11-year-old daughter but ultimately took a bizarre and unexpected turn for the worst. According to WBS, Soulja had gathered some of her daughter’s friends alongside her own adult friends as they ate dinner together at a Sugar Factory restaurant located at Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta on Thursday.

Souljah says that the restaurant manager offered her and her guests’ complimentary drinks to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. She explained that to her knowledge the children received juice while the adults received alcoholic beverages, however, everyone at the table is said to had all received alcoholic shots.

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s something I have never heard of. I was really like how could they make this mistake?” said Souljah.

“This tastes really like a shot. Mine tastes really like a shot,” she added. “I start looking around. I’m looking at my daughter and I’m seeing the other kids and they’re making these faces. ‘I think it has liquor in it.’ I told the manager what happened and he’s looking disturbed, he’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I told them non-alcoholic shots.”

It has been stated that Souljah recorded the entire ordeal from the children’s facial expressions along with an employee admitting to accidentally providing the young adolescents with an alcoholic shot.

“There was Coconut Rum and Pineapple Juice. It’s a .5 of Coconut rum. I accept full responsibility. Nothing should have come out of my bar that I’m aware of. And it should have not been made,”said the employee.

Souljah says the restaurant advised her she would be contacted from their corporate office about this situation. However she says that she hasn’t received a call or any form of contact yet.

“They’re not answering no calls. They’re like nothing happened,” said Souljah. She has forwarded the video to a local news outlet and also filed an incident report.

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