Tamar Braxton Appears On The Tamron Hall Show, Denies Allegations Of Being Abusive Towards Ex Fiancé David Adefeso And Speaks On Road To Depression!


Tamar Braxton has had a roller coaster of a year as her mental health as well as comprising details of her relationship have been pushed to the forefront within a vicious and overwhelming manner as of lately!

In a recent one on one sit down with day time talk show host Tamron Hall, Tamar speaks on the recent occurrences taking place within her life following rapid reports of her alleged suicide attempt and issues with her former fiancé David Adefeso.

According to People Adefeso filed a restraining order against Tamar on the basis of domestic violence. Sources have confirmed that his decision derives from an incident he explains took place while they were both in his vehicle.

He states he has physical evidence that Tamar was violent towards him, however she states that his allegations are not factual.

“I am a survivor of a domestic violence relationship and not at any point was David and I in an abusive relationship,” says Tamar.

Tamron goes on to ask whether the rumors are true that Tamar videotaped the reported incident that occurred inside of Adefeso’s vehicle.

“I voice recorded it. He videotaped it. He has a camera in his car.” Tamar was then asked asked if the video or audio recordings show any direct abuse, she replied, “No, it doesn’t.”

Further within the interview, Tamar speaks on her mental breakdown and the current status of her relationship with her family.

“I love my family. And I don’t want to fight with my family. And I want to be an example of a family who fights and argues and always have turmoil. And now we’re at the point where it’s assaults and threat,” says Tamar.

“This is not the show that I created. I created the ‘Braxton Family Values’ because I wanted to be an example part of the Black community with five Black amazing sisters, with all different walks of life, who can inspire and help and people can learn from our experiences along the way. We wasn’t teaching anything but being devilish and I didn’t want to do that.”

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