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Italy Begins Removing Names Of Lesbian Couples From Their Children’s Birth Certificates!

Cousins! A new legislation has been passed within the Nothern Italian City of Padua which orders local officials to stop allowing same-sex parents to place both of their names on their children’s birth certificates!

According to reports from CNN birth certificates of a list of women who underwent artificial insemination overseas and ultimately registered their kids within the city’s center-left government run by the first family Minister Giorgia Meloni, have been changed.

The prosecutor’s office of Padua says that a total of 27 women have been removed from 27 birth certificates at this time, as they are seeking to alter further documentation of additional families.

Sources state that both surrogacy and gay marriages are illegal in Italy. It has been indicated that since same-sex relationships aren’t recognized, special arrangements must be made for couples to adopt.

This new law also prohibits men in a same-sex relationship from registering the birth of their child with both fathers’ names on a birth certificate. This will forces same-sex families to choose only one male to be listed as a child’s legal father.

CNN reports that a local chapter of the LGBT campaign group the Rainbow Family Association has began protesting against the newly issued order.

“These birth certificates have not broken any law since they were signed in a legislative vacuum, which now leaves our children in limbo,” the group said in a statement back in June.

“We ask that our children are nothing but citizens, fully protected, and that our families are not destroyed by the political will of the government to impose a single family model.”

Sources state that the forwarded legislation is to assist in limiting certain rights of the parent that is not listed on a child’s birth certificate.

Cousins, what are your thoughts on this?

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