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Keke Palmer Speaks On Being A Bi Sexual Woman And Accepting All Parts Of Herself, “ I Just Want To Have My Own Life Be My Own Life”

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Cousins! Keke Palmer is opening up about the importance of living her life on her terms especially as a free spirited woman owning her sexuality!

The actress recently appeared on Raven Symone and her wife Miranda Maday ‘s podcast where she spoke candidly about being a bi sexual woman. “There was a moment in my life where I was just like, you know, can I be myself?” Keke explained.

“You just get to the point where you’re just like, ‘Well, I just want to have my own life be my own life.”

The 29 year shares that she spent a large majority of her teenage years keep her sexuality under wraps out of fear. “There is like an unsaid thing that can make you feel — and because I liked guys, too, I was kinda like, ‘Well, we don’t have to talk about it,'” said Keke.

“Because I like guys, too, it was like that’s another extra thing that no one really has to know about. I don’t really have to live out.”

Keke credits her parents for allowing her the space to be herself and being fully accepting of her free spirit.

“I ultimately just feel like, the acceptance of that part of myself, in general, was a part of my process of being able to have love in my life.”

“Sexuality and stuff like that, that was not even — my parents never even cared about something like that or talked about that. And I know that by the time they saw how free of a spirit I was, and whoever I wanted to date, they were like, ‘Whoever cares.’ It was never anything that was in their mind.”

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