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8 Year Old Boy Arrested In Alabama After Reportedly Stealing A Car At Gunpoint!

Cousins! An eight-year-old child has made headlines following a head-on police chase for reportedly carjacking a vehicle at gunpoint!

The incident took place on Tuesday, July 11th near West Fairview Avenue in Montgomerynaround 11 am, as a young boy is said to have stolen a car from an adult using a firearm.

According to reports from the New York Post, local officials were contacted and soon began to follow the young boy near Norman Bridge Road. It has been stated that he refused to pull over which ultimately led to a chase.

The bizarre ordeal didn’t end until the boy is said to have crashed the stolen car into another vehicle at West Fairview Avenue and South Court Street.

Thankfully no injuries were reported and the reported firearm was recovered at the scene.

Sources state that the 8-year-old boy was arrested and is currently being held at the Montgomery County Youth Detention Facility on Charges of first-degree robbery, as well as attempting to elude and certain persons forbidden to possess a firearm.

A witness stated that the child stopped to pick up two adults on Norman Bridge Road.

“Whenever I realized it was a little boy, I knew I had to follow them and make sure no one got hit and that he got caught because don’t want him driving all over Montgomery, causing more accidents or hurting himself or hurting other people,” witness “Snake” Knapp told WSFA of the dramatic sighting.

He adds, “I think parents just really need to know where their kids are, what their kids are doing, and just talk to them about these kinds of things.”

The child’s identity and full name have not been released to the public because he is a minor.

According to reports from Complex, a ten year old boy stole a SUV just last month ago in Michigan and was also chased by police. It has been stated that the child had plans of traveling to detroit to see their mother. When they were finally pulled over by local officials they attempted to run and were taken into custody.

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