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Murder Charges Dropped Against Mother And 14 Year Old Son In Fatal Shooting; Announces Plans To Sue!

Cousins! Carlisha Brown of the now widely circulated video clip consisting of her and a Chicago man in a heated dispute that turned fatal; has been released from prison with all charges dropped. As she strides to heal from the traumatic ordeal she declares the upcoming steps for her family in taking legal action!

Within the disturbing video clip, a man identified as Jeremy Brown can be seen arguing with Carlisha Hood. As the video continues he screams and threatens the 35-year-old to order her food and that if she said one more thing he was going to attack her. In a matter of seconds, Jeremy proceeded to repeatedly strike the woman directly in her face.

In an extended clip captured on cellphone video including surveillance footage, a firearm can be heard. Officials confirm that the gunman was Carlisha’s 14-year-old son who fatally shot the 32-year-old.

A warrant had been issued for her arrest upon claims that she had encouraged the young boy to shoot Jeremy within the Chicago restaurant. Officers accused her of texting her son instructing him to shoot the man as their argument turned physical.

Carlisha and her son fled the scene as Jeremy died from his injuries. On Wednesday, June 21st both mother and son surrendered and were charged with first-degree murder. Carlisha was facing additional charges for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

According to reports from NBC Chicago news, circulation of the updated video came as prosecutors cited “emerging evidence” resulting in a major shift in the case. Which led to charges against Carlisha and her son ultimately being dropped.

“Based upon the facts, evidence, and the law we are unable to meet our burden of proof in the prosecution of these cases,” reads a statement from the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office.

Prosecutors confirm Carlisha has no criminal background, and a valid firearm owner’s identification card including a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Appearing in a news conference alongside her attorney Carlisha revealed her plans on filing a lawsuit against the city of Chicago including the five arresting officers. This comes after she was officially reunited with her son and prosecutors dismissed all charges against her.

Carlisha says she was falsely arrested, maliciously prosecuted, and as a result, suffered emotional distress. “On June 18 of this year my life changed,” she said. “Never in a million years would I have imagined being brutally attacked, beaten, then arrested.”

Her lawyer Brandon Brown has stated that prosecutors made a logical decision in dropping the charges while citing that his client is the victim.

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