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Ginuwine Reflects On Fallout With Aaliyah, Says He Received Forgiveness After Her Passing!

Cousins! In a ‘Drink Champs’ interview, Ginuwine gave insight into his fallout with Aaliyah over miscommunication and how he says she forgave him whole appearing in a dream!

Ginuwine declares that despite circulated rumors he and Aaliyah had no real beef, but an actual fallout when he decided to pursue other options in ultimately leaving Blackground Records run by her uncle Barry Hankerson. “We were all a family — Missy, Timbaland, her [Aaliyah], myself, Magoo, Playa, Tweet — all of us.”

Ginuwine explains, “Her and I weren’t seeing eye-to-eye. I think it had to do a lot more with her loyalty to her uncle, Barry Hankerson — he was the record head, and the company was my manager — I just decided to leave because whatever reason. Of course, her loyalty was to her family. So, that’s where that stemmed from.”

The 52-year-old says that he had every intention of making peace with Aaliyah by explaining why he left, but never got a chance to. “We ain’t have no beef or nothing like that — I ain’t beefing with no girl. It was one of those things where our time had separated.”

Ginuwine says he feels as if the late singer was being fed false narratives.

Ginuwine says that he has received forgiveness from Aaliyah through a dream Missy Elliot had. He says “Missy came, and she told me one time she had a dream, and Aaliyah said: ‘Don’t worry about it.’ She forgive me. And, I cried.”

While reflecting on Aaliyah’s impactful and influential legacy Ginuwine says he could see Aaliyah being on the same level as Beyoncé if the unfortunate series of circumstances didn’t occur.

“I would want her to be on the level where B is — Beyoncé, yeah — but you just never know,” he said. “I know that she was headed in that direction. She was doing the movies. Of course, she was doing music. She was dancing and all that. So, ya know, we just will never know, and that’s the bad thing about it.”

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